Springville, UT - October 11, 2010
Wencor Group, LLC is pleased to announce three new executive officers. Gregory Beason will be joining the executive team as Chief Executive Officer of the Wencor Group. John Chalaris and Keith Hicks will also join the Wencor Group as CFO and CIO respectively.
Mr. Beason has 28 years in the aerospace industry in both aftermarket and OEM sales. He has led a number of businesses at Honeywell and most recently at Danaher. In his role as Group Executive at Pacific Scientific Aerospace, he was responsible for growth strategies of six operating companies to deliver year over year top line growth & operating income. Greg will lead the Wencor Group in growing company sales and expanding offerings for its customers.
Mr. Chalaris has held several executive financial positions, both in the private and public sectors, most recently with DeCrane Aerospace, but also including Wesco Aircraft, Landmark Aviation, Comprehension Polymers Holdings and General Electric Aircraft Engines. Over the past 25 years, John has led companies through acquisitions, divestitures and new product development and has also managed companies through relationships with private equity investors, banks and external auditors.
Mr. Hicks has managed international teams of technical professionals for over 20 years. Before coming to the Wencor Group, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Global Accessories. He also served as Chief Information Officer at Spillman Technologies and Omniglow Corporation. Keith’s strengths include a solid track record of aligning technical initiatives with business strategies, deploying efficient and scalable business support systems, international data center management, and implementing IT enterprise management systems for rapidly growing businesses.
“The Wencor Group is excited to have Mr. Beason, Mr. Chalaris, and Mr. Hicks join our executive team. They each have exceptional backgrounds in their areas of expertise and bring management talent that will help Wencor and its affiliated companies reach the goals we have set for the upcoming years,” stated Russ Adamson, President of Wencor.
Wencor is a worldwide industry leader in the manufacture and delivery of commercial aircraft parts. For over 50 years Wencor has been providing proven parts and reliable service to customers around the globe. From OEM to PMA parts, Wencor is committed to delivering superior value while reducing aircraft maintenance costs. To learn more about Wencor, visit www.wencor.com.
Springville, UT
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