Wencor Granted ODA by the FAA
Springville, UT - September 25, 2009
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now extended Wencor’s authority to perform PMA certification procedures on behalf of the FAA for its new PMAs. Under this latest delegation, titled Organization Designation Authorization (ODA), Wencor designees and manufacturing and engineering employees will perform additional delegated tasks for the FAA, including signing supplements approving new PMAs.
This latest extension follows a legacy of FAA delegated authority to Wencor. In 1991, Wencor was first FAA authorized as a Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR) and then as an Organizational Designated Airworthiness Representative (ODAR) in 2002. “This latest delegation highlights the FAA’s confidence in our fabrication and inspection system as well as our designees, engineers and inspectors,” said K. Dick Vaughn, ODA Lead Administrator.

Under the ODA delegation, Wencor designees, inspectors and engineers review new designs, oversee testing to ensure the products meet all applicable standards, and sign off on certification. “Wencor customers will benefit because the ODA delegation will allow us to reduce administrative delays and thus accelerate the development of the PMAs they have requested,” stated Russ Adamson, President of Wencor. “Wencor is honored to receive ODA. This delegation validates our industry leadership as an independent developer of aftermarket alternative parts. It will allow us to expand our cost savings initiatives to our world-wide base of customers.”
In accordance with ODA requirements, Wencor will regularly monitor, audit and report on delegated activities to the FAA. A staff of experienced and qualified designees, engineers, inspectors and administrators comprise the ODA Unit. These unit members have been approved by the FAA to act within the ODA delegated functions.

Springville, UT
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