Wencor/Kitco Defense Honored by the State of Utah
Springville, UT - March 7, 2008
Aerospace companies, Wencor and Kitco Defense, were honored by the State of Utah Labor Commission and the Utah OSHA Consultation Program on March 7.
The award recognized Wencor and Kitco Defense’s commitment to safety and health excellence in the workplace. The award is granted for two years and is given through the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

“We are proud that Wencor and Kitco Defense remain safe places for our employees and we look forward to promoting the same standard in the future,” Clayton Thomas, Facilities Manager for the two companies, said.
Wencor and Kitco Defense also received the award in 2006-2007.
About Wencor
Wencor is a worldwide leader in aircraft parts distribution and PMA development. Wencor is a provider and producer of thousands of FAA-PMA parts for maintenance on several commercial airliner systems including power generation, pneumatic control, hydraulic and fuel systems as well as APUs and turbine engines.
About Kitco Defense
Kitco Defense provides solutions for both military and OEM customers, delivering the best in engineering, distribution and services. As a leader in aerospace distribution, the company has a broad product offering that supports the military consumable market. For over 35 years, Kitco Defense has delivered value-added services to OEMS and the military market through kitting, licensing and small business partnering.
Springville, UT
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